Fusion Gate with Gold Lattice 48"-51"


Fusion Gate with Gold Lattice 48"-51"


The Fusion Gate features a patented interchangeable art screen system that allows you to display the design of your choice. The art screen can be easily interchanged with our other designs to coordinate with your emerging styles and of course seasonal décor. Throughout the year our Fusion Gate designers will be creating new artworks and patterns for you to choose from.

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Functions and Features include:

  • A unique finial latch that can be opened with one finger
  • The lowest threshold of any pressure mounted gate on the market that ensures a safe pass-thru
  • Gate doors made of high-impact resistant polycarbonate panels
  • A scratch-resistant poly-panel that hides scratches and smudges
  • Auto-close doors that swing in both directions
  • Dual mounting capability that allows for optional hardware mounting
  • Aluminum framing that is both lightweight and strong
  • A sturdy steel hinge and latch system
  • A 36” tall gate frame to keep larger dogs from jumping over
  • A 21” plus door width for comfortable pass-thru
  • A simple yet reliable locking system that is reversible
  • Attractive levelers with easy twisting adjustment knob

Standard purchase includes a dual mounted gate and your chosen art screen.  

Additional extensions and art screens available for purchase