Keeping Your Belongings Just That
YOUR Belongings

Its been over a decade since my adorable six-month-old Rhodesian ridgeback chewed the heel off of my Kate Spade sandal, but the heartache it caused is still fresh. A black-tie event, one (or maybe two) too many glasses of champagneI had kicked off my heels before flopping into bed. I heard my pup at the foot of the bed the next morning chewing on somethingnever did it occur to me that it was my very expensive brand new sandal!

At the time I was living in a 100-year-old Victorian with wide doorways and narrow staircases. I couldn't find a gate that fit my decor or my doors. The phrase living dangerously took on a whole new meaning.

Im sure you will agree puppies chew anything and everything. I still mourn the loss of my sandal, which I only wore once by the way, but it could have been worse. Plastic childrens toys can pose a choking hazard to orally fixated pups; items thrown in the garbage, such as batteries can be toxic if consumed; medicine bottles left where your canine can reach them or even discarded chicken bones from last nights dinner can all be fatal to your pet if consumed.

In order to safe-guard your home from potentially dangerous situations, sometimes a gate is not only necessary for your peace of mind, but for the safety of your pet. Fusion Gates offers a wide selection of expanders to fit a multitude of spaces or passageways to ensure a perfect fit every time.

If you have a new puppy, dont learn your lesson the hard way. Visit to see our full line of fashionable, yet functional gates.