Setting Boundaries, Not Borders

Allowing Pets to Become Workplace Partners

More and more companies are joining the trend of allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. Having your dog with you at your workplace has not only been shown to boost morale, but also increase productivity. A pet-friendly workplace is considered a perk — think of all the moolah you will save on pet-sitting and dog walking! Having your pet at work promotes a healthier lifestyle too since taking them out gets you up from your desk at regular intervals.

But as quickly as a well-behaved dog can bring employees together, a misbehaving canine can drive them apart. It is important for employers, as well as employees, to know proper dog etiquette and set rules. Defining clear boundaries for workplace pups can create a harmonious setting for all. 

Fusion Gates offers a sleek, professional grade solution for creating borders, not boundaries. The Fusion Gate can be either be pressure or hardware mounted to accommodate a wide variety of openings, including stairwells. It also features a patented interchangeable art screen system that allows you to customize the look of the gate to match your office style. Versatile in both style and fit, the Fusion Gate offers customized gate solutions that are built to last and look sensational.

Let’s face it, our pets are our it is no surprise that evidence has shown that job satisfaction, retention and productivity is boosted when employees are allowed to bring their pets to work. Jobs and dogs, the greatest teachers of lessons and only make sense for them to be together.

HAPPY DOG, HAPPY JOB...Pictured above, Laika, front, and Skade enjoy a day at the office. Laika, named after the first dog in space, is a 4-year-old who loves to pose for the camera. Skade, named after the goddess of winter in Norse mythology, is a laid back 12-year-old.